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Hello All
For the past week, I've been searching all sites in hopes of finding a manga that is stuck in my brain. You know how that gets, when you think about a favorite manga that you read years ago and just can't remember the title or the mangakan. Well, I thought the Mangakan was Kujou Aoi but I'm beginning to think I'm wrong and that's its probably a Mangakan that draws in a similar style.
Anyway, the opening scene of the manga is a two college lovers sitting in the living room when the Seme says "I want to break up" and the Uke replies "okay, let's end this." The whole story revolves around the Seme bringing home women and telling the Uke that he should get a woman too. After putting up with the Seme's heartless acts, the Uke finds himself a hot Seme and brings him home. They have loud sex which disturbs the ex-lover and jolts him into realizing that he still loves and wants the other guy. It's a very angst story that is also a good read but for the life of me I can't remember the name. I can clearly see the characters and storyline but that's about it.
If anyone else remembers this manga and help me remember the title/mangakan I'd greatly appreciate it since believe it or not I've also lost sleep racking my brain over this. :-)

So much to say, so little time to do it

Okay, just wanted to wirte a quick post to my journal since I've been neglecting it for the past year or so. LOL

Juggling motherhood, work and wifedom is overwhelming but it's also very fulfilling. I wish I could write more, read more, play more, and spend time on my hobbies but as they say "life catches up to you." Indeed, as the niches in life become more filled with activities that keep me busy I find less time to just sit and relax. I did discover the funniest anime about married life called I don't understand what my husband is saying. It's a short 5 min clip that is cute, funny, and quenches enough of my anime thrist before I plung myself back into real life. If anyone has a chance to view it, i highly recommend it even if you aren't married.

Happy Mother's Day

This is a bitter sweet day for me. Although I am so excited to celebrate my 1st Mother's Day, I'm also sad that it is my 1st Mother's Day without my Umma. So many mixed emotions fill me right now but in my heart I know that my Umma is looking down at me from Heaven and guiding me every step of the way in my journey through motherhood...Kamsamnida Umma for raising me to be the person I am today.

Umma Saranghaeyo!

End of Year Reflection 2013

I know I should keep up my journal but RL is so hard especially with a little one in tow. Getting used to motherhood isn't as easy as mom made it seem and there are days when I'm at work and really miss my little hime. So, how do I sum up 2013... it was a lesson in LIFE. The birth of my daughter was an enormous joy and made wonder why I waited so long to have a child, my husband getting his airline contract renewed provided us with another 5 years of security, and the unexpected passing of my mother before Christmas reminded me that death is a part of life that none of us are truly prepared for. Indeed, 2013 provided me with a full circle of lessons on life and with it I take into the New Year a determination to be the best mother that I can be for child, to live everyday as if it were my last, and appreciate the sacrifice my husband makes everyday working so far away from his family. Yes, this year I promise to make more time for my family especially with my Dad so that I can help fill the void that he now feels without my Mom.

Counting Down the Days

The worst thing about being pregnant is being told that your due date my be sooner then you thought and praying that it isn't. I need to finish out the school year before this little guy is born. Thank God for Yaoi to keep my mind off the timeline. :-)

Morning Sickness

Okay, I just want to say that when my Ohma (mother) told me that the morning sickness would go away after 3 months I believed her... now, I know Mother's can Lie!!! lol 5 months later I'm still puking up my guts. My poor students just don't know how to respond to me when they see me in the morning looking green. One student said "don't worry my mom puked up until she puked up my baby brother". I have another student who is so concerned about me that every art class he offers to rub my back... of course, I refuse but it's really cute that he offers. The perks is that when I get out of my car in the parking lot everyone comes running to carry my bags and the students come after school to help clean my room... love that part, now if only I can get the little rugrats to come to my house and clean it too. LOL

To Blog or not to Blog, that is Question

So, I went to a Google Apps for Education Summit and was inspired by the many guests speakers to create a Blog. Why? Well, I asked that. And the answer was because as an educator we need to share our ideas and collaborate with each other. So, I took some time and looked at several of the Blogs that were created by these speakers and what I found were good, bad and ????? Looking at my livejournal blog, I realize that I created it to connect with other Yaoi fans (my hidden obsession) and write fanfic of my favorite couples from VF, Harudaki and Kizuna but I haven't really done anything with it for fear that one day a former student might run across it and recognize me. Or worst yet, a colleague who doesn't share my obsession will judge me. I also looked at other Yaoi members blogs and most of them are fanfic, reposts of scans, or diaries. So, I've decided to revamp my LiveJournal Blog. I am going to post humorous things my students do and say. As an art teacher I have the most fun molding creaitve minds and the privilege of having, in my humble opinion, the most hilarious students. When people walk into my classroom they are constantly amazed that the creativity of my students and the conversations they have while working. Seriously, some of the things these kids say keep my rolling on the floor for hours. So, for those of you following my Blog I hope to keep you entertained and maybe someday I'll have the courage to write my first Yaoi FanFic.



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